Thursday, September 1, 2011

As if I do not have enough social networks to check daily...

So here I am, succumbing to the world of bird blogs.  Along with my facebook, tumblr, twitter, and the various other bird blogs I check daily (most of which are on blogspot, which is why I created this one) I now have to update the cyberworld with my birding ventures in the field.  But first for an introduction:

My name is Casey.  I am a 19 year old Wildlife Science student at Virginia Tech in the lovely Appalachian foothills of southwest Virginia.  I have been fascinated with birds since I was very young, but I never really put in the time to study and learn all of the North American species.  I have been to Cape May during the Spring Weekend several times, but each time I found my knowledge sorely lacking.  It was not until last year (my freshmen year of college) that I really became serious about birding.  I began going on outings with the New River Valley Bird club, and I met some wonderful and skilled birders along the way.  This past summer, I worked at a wildlife rehabilitation center, where I got some up close views of native birds of Pennsylvania (where I'm from) and I went on several birding trips with the local bird club there as well.  Now that I'm back at school, I have scheduled a birding trip for most every weekend and every bit of free time I can manage.  I just finished reading The Big Year by Mark Obmascik and I'm almost done with Kingbird Highway by Kenn Kauffman.  Next on the list is Wild America, Roger Tory Peterson's classic.  All this talk about Big Years is so inspiring to me, I hope to someday try one for myself.  As for right now, I'm simply trying to learn as much as I possibly can about birds, meet the awesome people in the birding community, and have some fun along the way. 

Good birding!

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