Thursday, September 1, 2011

Upcoming Birding Events

Just so I can get my calendar organized in my own mind, here's what's going on in the near future:

First NRV Bird Club trip - Saturday 9/3/11
Seminar on Campus - Conservation in an era of climate change: Can we
save saltmarsh birds as the oceans rise? - 9/8
Rocky Knob Hawk Watch - 9/10
Midwest birding Symposium - 9/15-9/18 (Oh, how I wish I could go)
VSO Chincoteague Trip - 9/16-9/18
Glen Alton and Hanging Rock (hawk watch) Birding Trip - 9/16 also
Heritage Park Birding Trip - 10/1
Eastern Shore Birding and Wildlife Festival - 10/7-10/9 (another wish-list trip)
The Big Sit! - 10/9
Seminar On Campus - Galapagos finches and the unfinished
business of Charles Darwin - 10/27
Seminar On Campus - Understanding the social and reproductive dynamics
of a cooperative lek-breeding bird - 11/3

Looks like it's going to be a bird-filled Fall :)

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